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1858e64ef3c259b9918edc437901b4f9.jpgBaptism of surf
Costa Rice

Life’s little wonders: Thousands of tiny turtles emerge from the black sands on Nicoya Peninsula and head straight for the ocean.

e3f8d60da84b0b91b68b7a9fd4871ac6.jpgFinding Galicia

… but not the Spanish one. This Galicia is a historical region in Poland and the Ukraine, was once a kingdom at the heart of Europe. In search of its legacy, we find a magical stone, goose variations and the results of higher math.

6442c24d6cd0750680f7607b2f9c3cf3.jpg“I don’t need to play Hamlet”

Versatile actor Eddie Redmayne loves “Fantastic Beasts”, appreciates follow-up movies and trusts his long-time mentor implicitly.


Missing summer?


These wellness resorts in the Alps have all you need to banish the winter blues – hot tubs, invigorating massages and magical panoramic views. The hitch? You wonвЂt want to leave …


At the gate: Hamburg

Gate Check

At the gate People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few travelers at Hamburg Airport to ask: Where would you like to escape to this winter?


My true vacation

Monthly column

IвЂd like to start on a personal note and reveal that I havenвЂt actually taken a proper vacation for at least 30 years. As a travel writer, I always traveled for work and vacationed at home …



Exciting insights provides impressions of work on the ground and in the air, reports and videos on the subjects of transportation and technology and spectacular 360В° views


What’s that you’re doing, Mr. RosengrГјn?


David RosengrГјn, 35, is an engine technician who has been with Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg for 18 years.


The art dealerвЂs art


David Zwirner has an infallible instinct – and it makes him one of the worldвЂs foremost gallerists. A conversation about good deals, bad beer, being raised with great art and what he learned from his father.


What’s in your case, Anna Calvi?

Baggage Check

As she demonstrates with every song on her new album, Hunter, the British pop artist, 38, is rightly known for her powerful guitar sound, striking voice and haunting lyrics. She is currently on tour and will be performing in Germany in November and January. She let Lufthansa Magazin take a peek inside her case at Tegel Airport in Berlin.

Creature comforts



Accessoires for every cause!


Tastes for tomorrow


Lobster, hazelnut brittle and pad thai above the clouds: Each year, the caterers at LSG Sky Chefs put together new menus for Lufthansa passengers. We attended a presentation of their latest creations in Bangkok.


Gold rush


Online giants and small start-ups alike are drawn to Seattle. The city is rapidly becoming the new Silicon Valley – without forfeiting its coolness factor or counter­culture music and art scene.


Rich pickings

Baltic Sea

Each year, some 100 000 cranes migrate across western Europe, stopping off in the Baltic region to restock their energy reserves for the long flight south.


В»To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries!В«

Aldous Huxley


See time fly!


Where have you been, what have you seen, where would you like to go next? Lufthansa Magazin has been featuring unique destinations and fascinating stories from the world of flying since 1998. HereвЂs a line-up of our magazine covers since day one!


At the gate: Frankfurt

Gate Check

At the gate People watching – everybody does it. We even stopped a few travelers at Frankfurt Airport to ask: Is there someone you would like to congratulate right now?


What’s that you’re doing, Ms. Akhtar?


Sarah Akhtar, 33, has been working as a warehousing clerk at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS) in Hamburg for a year

Let’s Party!



Accessoires for every cause!

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